“Why haven’t you been posting?” – An Open Letter to My Followers

Burned out...

Burned out…

The past few years have been somewhat up in the air for me, on a personal level. Not too long ago, I ran across one of my former followers berated me…very politely…for not keeping up with this site. “Why haven’t you been posting on Eye of the Beholder?!” she asked me. After explaining my situations and assuring her that the site wasn’t dead, she suggested that I post an open letter to my followers. So here I am.

Dearest Followers of In the Eye of the Beholder,

When I first started this blog, I was working an outside job, doing volunteer Hospice work, was President of our local chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America and the District Representative for VA Volunteer Services at the James Haley VAMC and Bay Pines VAMC. I was also primary care-giver to my mother-in-law, who was 90+ years old, and for my husband, who had suffered a brain aneurysm in 2006 and undergone neurosurgery to remove it.

My eldest son was in the Army and was in and out of deployments, my youngest son was having his first child at the age of 17, then two more by the time he was 20…and suffered a near-break down of his own when his girlfriend left him, taking their two daughters with her.

We lost our home when my husband became disabled, my mother-in-law passed away, my son in the Army was injured and medically retired but, of course, had PTSD (thank God for his understanding wife) and my youngest son was having a hard time coping with being separated from his children. Then I lost my job.

My own life was on a collision course for a break down in my health on all levels. I finally crashed.

It has taken 3 years to get my life to a point where I am able to re-activate, per se, three of the blogs that I began back then, including one blog that was put to use by my very last job, BalanceTheCircle.wordpress.com. Because of the nature of that blog, it was the one that I tried to post to at least once a month.

In the Eye of the Beholder requires dedicated research into genetically or physically disfiguring diseases and conditions, as does the category, “Invisible Illnesses”, on Balance the Circle… You will note, if you visit that site, that I have not posted any real health articles there, either.

The point is that, unless and until I have the time for that kind of research, the best I can do is share posts and articles from other sites and, perhaps, comment on them.

As of now, much of my time is spent on writing a few books. This is my therapy to get myself back to the mental acuteness I had a few years ago. I published one book last December (2015) and am working on the follow-up novel (genre: visionary fiction), and there are several novels, novelettes and a book of poetry in the works, as well. I’m even debating doing a printing on one or two of my blogs – that should be fulfilling!

Anyway, I hope this open letter to all of you, my few followers, helps to answer the question, “Why haven’t you been posting to In the Eye of the Beholder for the past three years?!”

Keep your eyes open and see the beauty beneath,

“P. Robinson”


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